About us

Banned from Eden is a 10-piece rock trio on the outskirts of Eden, Maine.

Featuring lead vocals by each member of the band, tight ensemble singing of three-part harmonies, and polyphonic instrumental jams, we cover classic rock, R&B, country, blues, reggae, Latin, funk, and swing, and have a growing repertoire of infectious originals.  

We are: Jim Coffman – guitar, mandolin, violin, trombone, vocals; Russell Snyder – drums, harmonica, vocals; and Jeff Walls – bass, vocals.

We play regularly at various venues in Downeast Maine, which you can find out about here or on Facebook.


4 thoughts on “About us

  1. Spent last evening (04/03/15) at Docksiders Inn in Southwest Harbor and was treated to this band. Quite the music mix and QUITE impressive in each genre taken. I was especially fond of the fiddle and harmonica playing, but these band members “fit” together, no doubt. Thanks guys for a great evening of entertainment.

  2. I stumbled across this band at a chance trip to franklin vets club. Both the club and the band were amazing finds. The band does covers of great dance and sing along music, and are not only truly fine musicians but the most fun and personable group you could ever ask for. Banned from Eden is a real gem here in Downeast Maine. I look forward to seeing them every chance I get and recommend you to do the same.

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